High Blood Pressure Signs, Causes, Diet & Treatment

High blood pressure is a condition that is more popular than you think. High blood pressure is a condition to which the pressure of blood against your blood vessels is greater than the normal. The long-term bombardment of pressure on your veins leads to several health-risk such as stroke, heart disease, organ damage, and even death. High blood pressure signs What's surprising about high blood pressure is that most people who have this don't experience symptoms. Some people with high blood pressure would experience headaches, a pain in the neck, shortness of breath, and nosebleeds. These symptoms don't manifest in the early stage of high blood pressure, but sometimes, it can happen at the onset. Most of the time, these symptoms show up when your blood pressure condition reaches a severe level. Causes There are two types of high blood pressure, and causes categorize them. 1) Primary (essential) hypertension This [...]


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