Have you developed an interest in CBD for high blood pressure and researching for the best brand? Fret not, I’ll present you 5 of the best known CBD oil products for 2020, in the UK and the US.

1) CBD Armour (Best in Full-spectrum types of CBD oil)

CBD Armour is a UK-based cannabis brand that is known for its “Silver CBD Oil.” It’s one of the best full-spectrum CBD oils out there. In a bottle of 100ml, for just 30 pounds, you’ll be taking 10,000 mg of full-spectrum CBD. When we say, “full-spectrum,” we mean the inclusion of healthy phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and basically everything good in the hemp plant.

You can trust CBD Armour with quality CBD oil products. Their CBD oil products are produced from carefully selected hemp plants grown in state-of-the-art farms. Also, their products are third-party lab tested. They also have other CBD/hemp products like CBD-infused soap, hair oils, vegan hemp proteins, and so on.

2) Royal CBD

The Royal CBD oils are from organic hemp harvested from either California or Colorado, USA. The mentioned states have the best soil, weather, and temperature for hemp cultivation. With that said, there are no modifications needed like pesticides or GMO (genetically-modified organisms).

Royal CBD oil is also a full-spectrum product, so you’re getting the 100+ cannabinoids of hemp along with terpenes, polyphenols, and so on.

Royal CBD oil is best known for its use in high blood pressure, anxiety relief, and insomnia.

3) Gold Bee (Best flavour-wise)

Gold Bee is the best in flavour. It has a subtle note of honey to it that feels natural and not too sweet. If you’re struggling with the strong earthy-taste of some CBD oil products, Gold Bee is for you.

Gold Bee also offers a full-spectrum type of CBD oil product. Like CBD Armour and Royal CBD, Gold Bee hemp is grown organically.

Currently, there are no high-potency oils in Gold Bee’s collection of CBD oils. Gold Bee’s array of CBD oil products are great for beginners in turn.

4) CBDPure

CBDPure is one of the OG brands out there that keeps on innovating. The company’s introduction of their 1000 mg CBD oil is great news for hypertension patients. CBDPure has a dedicated page wherein you find comprehensive detail on their production processes. You’ll find a descriptive detail on their cultivation, sourcing, extraction, and manufacturing processes.

They also have customer service. Reach their customer service on their website. The best part about CBDPure is their 90-day return policy. You’d get a refund if the product didn’t reflect any relief on your part for a certain period.

5) Hemp Bombs (Best in isolate types of CBD)

Hemp Bombs is your go-to bottle for CBD isolates. The term “isolate” refers to the exclusion of any cannabinoid or plant derivatives except CBD. They have high CBD concentration in a bottle, often reaching 4000 mg.

Hemp Bombs CBD oil is the best option for high blood pressure patients who prefer to take their CBD with nothing else but CBD. Their CBD has no odour nor flavour, and if you’re a fan of blandness, this is for you.

Because Hemp Bomb’s CBD oil isolate has no other cannabinoids and terpenes, you will miss out on the entourage effect that everyone’s talking about. Nevertheless, they have broad-spectrum extracts (without THC) that you can access.



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