CBD oil or cannabidiol is made up of base oil, such as coconut oil and CBD, a cannabis cannabinoid.

CBD has several effects on the human body. It mainly affects the human endocannabinoid system or ECS. One of CBD’s mediating abilities is to lower blood pressure.

In today’s discussion, we’ll learn why CBD is an effective and safe natural treatment for high blood pressure.

How is CBD effective in reducing blood pressure?

Below are some of the main points collected from several studies regarding the relationship between CBD and blood pressure.

1) CBD can lower blood pressure because it’s a natural vasodilator

Our blood vessels can constrict due to several reasons. The constricting of your blood vessel’s wall contributes to high blood pressure.

In a 2017 study by the Royal Derby Hospital Centre and Churchill Hospital, they showed that CBD helped in reducing high blood pressure by relaxing the arterial walls (a hallmark of a natural vasodilator.

2) CBD can lower blood pressure because it can serve as a haemodynamic regulator

Haemodynamics refers to the dynamics of blood flow. A stable internal environment influences Haemodynamics. When your haemodynamic behaves abnormally, blood pressure is increased.

CBD is believed to be a natural haemodynamic regulator. It can maintain the balance of blood flow dynamics, which eventually decreases pressure in the wall of your blood vessels.

3) CBD can lower blood pressure because it has anti-inflammatory properties

Progressive high blood pressure often results in inflammation. Prolonged inflammation because of high blood pressure can worsen your hypertensive condition. It raises your resting heart rate, can lead to atherosclerosis, and numerous more complications.

A study by the University of South Carolina in 2009 showed CBD acting as a sort of anti-inflammatory agent. CBD primarily soothes inflammation by mediating through the ECS.

Is CBD safe?

Generally, CBD is safe to use, given that the users have been fed with the correct instructions on dosage and the likes. CBD is even non-psychoactive, meaning it can’t interfere with moods and perceptions.

Regarding the dosage limit, a 2011 review stated that a high CBD dosage of 1500mg could be tolerated in a day for three months.

CBD oil has few known side effects, all of which are bearable. Some of its known side effects are drowsiness, nausea, stomach pain, fatigue, and so on. Some CBD oil products have THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and it is often responsible for CBD oil’s known side effects.

Final thought

CBD oil lowers blood pressure because it reduces the causes by which hypertension develops. For example, it is anti-inflammatory, it’s a natural vasodilator, and so on. With regard to CBD oil’s safety, it has minimal side effects that are mostly caused by THC. Consult your doctor before purchasing a CBD oil product to be sure of the efficacy and safety of CBD oil.



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