Stress can temporarily spike your blood pressure, but will it affect your blood pressure in the long term? CBD or cannabidiol as per research calms stress, but does this mean that it’ll indirectly reduce blood pressure? These questions are what we will be attempting to answer in today’s article.

Your psychological reaction to stress could affect blood pressure

In a stressful situation, the human body produces a surge of hormones. The surge of hormones temporarily induces high blood pressure and high heart rate. There is no known proof yet that stress has a long term effect on blood pressure, but what’s clear is that your reaction to a stressful situation has a long term effect on your blood pressure.

Some of us, to cope with stress usually does the following things:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Eating unhealthy foods

These stress-coping mechanics and the likes of it cause long-term damage to your blood pressure as well as the other functioning parts of your body.

The link between CBD and stress reduction?

Here are archives of some studies about the link between stress and CBD.

In a study made in 2010, CBD helps to reduce anxiety in people who are dealing with a SAD or social anxiety disorder. Brain scans showed changes in the patterns of blood flow on brain parts that are connected with anxiety and stress.

In another similar study made in 2011, CBD can reduce SAD specifically in times of public speaking.

In 2014, a particular dosage of CBD could be an antidepressant and anxiolytic. The study was animal-based and uses measures like forced swimming test, elevated plus maze, and Vogel conflict test.

Clearly, the following studies show that somehow, there is a link between CBD and stress reduction.

CBD or cannabidiol as per research calms stress, but does this mean that it’ll indirectly reduce blood pressure?

CBD indirectly treating high blood pressure is inconclusive, but if we adhere to logic, CBD can reduce high blood pressure. If stress is one of the causes of high blood pressure, reducing it could lower high blood pressure. This thought alone gives CBD a good chance.

Be wary, though, as research on CBD is limited because it’s simply a new concept to the medical world. Take note that it has been banned for research for a long time. There are CBD side effects as well as drug interactions.

Another thing to be wary about CBD is that it is not heavily regulated. Ergo, it’s difficult to know the correct dosage and frequency of intake. Dosages differ in terms of CBD types. CBD could be infused in gummies, oils, vapes, edibles, lotions, patches, and more.

Final thought

Stress doesn’t only mess with blood pressure. It also ruins our day to day lives. No matter what remedy you are talking about, natural or medicated, don’t let stress take over your life today and for the rest of your life.

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