Blood pressure is the force of the blood’s movement within the walls of your blood vessels. Blood pressure for some, might sound irrelevant, but it is a feature that everybody should start caring for.

A blood pressure going above or below the normal range can mean an underlying medical issue or a complication in the future. To maintain your blood pressure within the normal threshold, have a healthy diet, and try to take in supplements. Below are some of the best food and supplements that you should take for a healthy blood pressure:


Garlic is said to be good for blood pressure due to its valuable extracts. These extracts are allicin, S-allyl cysteine, bioactive sulfur content, and antioxidants. Studies show that garlic is far more effective in keeping your blood pressure healthy compared to placebo medication (Ried, et al., 2008).

Garlic is best taken in their natural form. However, to make them less bitter, try to grind them first. You could throw them in your favorite broths or sautéed vegetables.


In a study done in 2013, beetroot is found to reduce blood pressure in men. Blood pressure was reduced to four to five points upon administration of beetroot in the human body (N.A, 2017).

In a study that was published in Nutrition Journal, human volunteers of mixed gender drank beetroot juice. In a period of only 6 hours, both men and women registered lowered blood pressure readings (Coles, et al.,2012).

Why can beetroot lower your blood pressure? It’s because of its high nitrate content.


Pomegranate can be churned into a nice juice drink. You can also eat it raw. It’s a refreshing way of helping your blood pressure be within a healthy range. In a study, drinking one cup of pomegranate each day for four weeks helps a lot in reducing high blood pressure (N.A, 2019).

Pomegranate is best taken in the morning alongside a healthy breakfast. If you chose to buy pomegranate from a store, make sure that it is not “processed”. Try to also check in the label about the sugar content of the pomegranate juice. Do not select those products with high sugar content on them.

Foods Containing Magnesium

Magnesium is a good mineral that aids cellular metabolism. Good cellular metabolism means healthy cells, tissues, and organs. Magnesium is such an effective mineral in keeping your blood pressure healthy by directly helping the smooth muscle cells function properly. Smooth muscle cells enclose your arteries.

Foods Containing Fiber

Studies tell us that foods that are rich in fiber reduces blood pressure, and prevents it from shooting up (Streppel, et al., 2005). There is no clear mechanism supporting this idea. It is believed that the fiber’s ability to control weight and blood sugar has a link in maintaining healthy blood pressure.


Cannabidiol or CBD oil can lower blood pressure, especially if it’s because of stress and anxiety. Studies tell us that CBD can indeed lower blood pressure because it is an analgesic in the first place (Pubchem, N.D). Meaning, it can relax your blood vessels, enabling a good flow of blood in the circulatory system.

Converse with your doctor today before taking in a CBD oil supplement. Doctors can tell what’s the best CBD oil dosage for you. They would also know if taking this oil is good for your current medical condition.

Final Thought

Try these best diets and supplements for healthy blood pressure now! Remember, prevention is always better than cure.