A study in 2017 titled “A single dose of cannabidiol reduces blood pressure in healthy volunteers in a randomized crossover study,” perfectly encapsulates the question of whether cannabidiol or CBD reduces blood pressure at a single dose.

In context, CBD is a cannabis compound that can be extracted via cannabis Sativa and Indica plants. CBD is a point of interest of research because of its positive preclinical evidence regarding its therapeutic effects on several conditions such as epilepsy, seizure, high blood pressure, pain, and so on.

Highlights of the study

The results of the study were hopeful. They found out that the resting blood pressure of most volunteers was lowered after ingesting CBD. Additionally, they also saw a reduction in stress levels among volunteers, particularly in the pre and post-stress induced periods. These results prompted the study to recommend further research on the potential of CBD to treat related cardiovascular conditions.

The study is a medical landmark

For the first time, a study on CBD has shown that the acute single-dose administration of CBD on healthy human beings can lower blood pressure. This finding further bolsters the fact that CBD has anxiolytic properties or the ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, this study gently debunks earlier studies that say CBD has no significant therapeutic effects on the cardiovascular system. There are several glaring differences though in the methods of study on the present study and earlier investigations.

  1. For example, in this study, the parameters were continuously monitored while earlier studies only manually measured parameters 3 hours after CBD were administered.
  2. Also, the volunteers of the present study weren’t cannabis users or haven’t taken any form of cannabis in their lives. In contrast, the earlier studies frequently use cannabis-users may be for ethical purposes. It should be noted that cannabis users might have developed the tolerance to the cannabis compounds, which explains the difference between the results of the present study and earlier ones.

Effect of CBD on blood pressure through the endocannabinoid system

The study led by Jadoon pointed out that CBD primarily operates through the endocannabinoid system, a system responsible for the body’s homeostasis and immune response. Through the endocannabinoid’s CB1 receptor, CBD can prevent the increase of blood pressure but with an increase (temporarily) of heart rate.

Final thought

The question of whether the acute administration of a single dose CBD lowers blood pressure were affirmed to be correct in this study. This potentially reflects the anxiolytic and analgesic effects of CBD in the human body. Although the study doesn’t directly tell us that CBD can lower the condition of high blood pressure, it’s enough, for now, to know that CBD can lower stress-induced blood pressure.

Given the increasing availability and visibility of CBD in the market, it’s best to consult with your doctor regarding the best scenario or route to dive into when medicating with CBD.