There is a long-standing debate about whether CBD oil or cannabidiol from the Sativa plant is a natural treatment for high blood pressure or hypertension. Some research yields positive activities of CBD oil against hypertension. However, there is no clinical conclusion yet to the possible connection of CBD oil to hypertension (Yehuda, 2019).

Although no published clinical conclusions for the CBD oil and hypertension link is reported, there is one promising study about its effect on blood pressure.

What Is Blood Pressure?

Before we get into the study, let us get to know the blood pressure first. Blood pressure is the force of the free-flowing blood in the blood vessels. The pressure can be determined by several factors like the pumping of the heart, plaque in some blood vessels, obstructed vessels, and more. It is necessary to keep your blood pressure in a normal range. Normal blood pressure is necessary so as to decrease your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and some more complications. The normal range of blood pressure is below 120 mm Hg systolic and 80 mm Hg diastolic. Going above the normal range can mean some underlying medical conditions, including hypertension.

The Effects of CBD Oil on Blood Pressure and Hypertension According to a Study

Going back to the study, its subjects are nine healthy male individuals who all volunteered. The subjects were randomly administered with real CBD or CBD placebo pills. At the end of the test, the study’s data shows that:

  • There is a reduction in blood pressure.
  • There is even a positive effect on the overall wellness of blood pressure in its natural response with stress and emotion-induced physical activities.
  • These data show the analgesic power of CBD oil in the human body and its direct effect on the cardiovascular system. This study just shows the huge potential of CBD oil in becoming a natural treatment for hypertension (Jadoon et al., 2017).
  • Another tell-tale sign which tells us that CBD oil indeed lowers blood pressure, is because of its calming abilities. CBD oil has properties that can alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. When a person experiences stress or anxiety, he or she possibly have an increased heart rate or high blood pressure.

If CBD oil can indeed lower blood pressure, it goes without saying that it can also control hypertension. However, it is quite sloppy to the say that CBD oil can indeed treat hypertension without any conclusive medical proclamation. Things are looking up for CBD oil as it is found to lower blood pressure. This news is a huge step in our hopes of pinning CBD oil to have a positive effect in controlling hypertension. The reason why CBD oil’s effect on chronic hypertension is not yet conclusive is due to its short-lived effect CBD oil does not fully cure hypertension.

Final Thought

We cannot control what will happen inside our body. However, we can control what we put inside it. Synthetic medications are things of the past. It is now time to invest in natural treatments for the possible medical conditions that we have, or we will encounter in the future. Try to use an alternative like CBD oil today.