High blood pressure is a medical condition that plagues a lot of people in the world. Statistics say that about one billion of the world’s population recorded in 2008 was diagnosed with high blood pressure (World Health Organization, N.D). The number is getting higher as the years go by.

There are some prescriptive medications for high blood pressure, but more people are looking for a natural way of controlling their blood pressure. CBD oil or cannabidiol from medical marijuana is gaining popularity as a natural way of controlling blood pressure. More research about CBD oil’s effects on high blood pressure is gaining potential positive activities.

High blood pressure is a serious medical condition that needs immediate attention. If your high blood pressure is left unattended, it might lead to some serious medical consequences.

What Happens if High-Blood Pressure Is Left Unattended?

High blood pressure is dubbed as a silent killer in the medical industry (Taylor, 2019). It is not as aggressive like any other diseases, but it strikes when you least expect it. Most symptoms of high blood pressure can’t be felt, which makes it even more treacherous.

If left unattended, your high blood pressure can increase your risk of developing kidney problems, stroke, heart attack, and heart problems (N.A, 2016).

What Are the Symptoms of High-Blood Pressure?

The symptoms of high blood pressure are often dismissed as a simple headache or fatigue. However, we should be wary about symptoms like headache as this might mean something else. Below are some tell-tale signs of blood pressure. If you experience any or all of these signs in a habitual manner, have it checked with your doctor.

  • Breathing problems
  • Severe headache
  • Feeling tired for a long time even with rest
  • Eye problems
  • Irregular heartbeat

How Does CBD Oil Help to Lower Your Blood-Pressure?

CBD oil is extracted from the Sativa plant. It is a potential natural treatment for many medical conditions like pain, diabetes, sclerosis, stress, anxiety, and more. Its natural activity against anxiety and stress makes it a good candidate for a natural treatment for high blood pressure. But how?

  • CBD oil naturally controls anxiety and stress. A relaxed and rested state such as “calm” is a signifier that your blood pressure and heart rate are even and low.
  • In addition to that, CBD oil is a vasodilator (Mitchell, 2018). Meaning, CBD oil can support the smooth and free flow motion of blood in your circulatory system. A smooth blood circulation means, your blood vessels are in their perfect conditions. High blood pressure usually causes irreversible damage to the blood vessels when left untreated.

Final Thought

More and more countries are considering the act of legalizing medical marijuana. This action is in response to the growing demand for a natural treatment for various medical conditions, one of which is high blood pressure. The CBD oil is a natural alternative to try, just make sure to talk to your doctor about it before actually taking it in. This is to cancel out possible unwanted drug interaction, possible side effects, and allergies in your part.

It’s nice to know that we have a natural alternative to synthetic medication. Try one such CBD oil, today and see for yourself the difference.




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